re.set (verb):

to break old habits


Hi, I’m Clara!

I am an Ayurvedic consultant and bodyworker. I have worked in the health industry alongside chiropractors, rolfers, and acupuncturists. I have worked extensively with chronic injuries and chronic ilness. I have a passion for working with children + teens, as well as pregnant + postpartum women. I now put those passions together in my body + resets private practice. I am a mom to three teenagers. Before I had kids, I was a traveler and backpacked, often on my own, to 20 countries. I love the way travelers open up and create immediate community with each other. I also love being out in the unknown. In my early traveling days, I wanted a skill that I could take with me anywhere in the world. I had been a remedial reading tutor and studied forest management, but nothing captured my attention as massage school did. Initially, I thought of my studies as a way to work as I traveled. Thirty years later, I am still enamored by bodywork. I love watching people connect the dots between their personal story and the hidden story in their body. My favorite part of the session is the “aha moment”. I look forward to connecting with you.

Ayurvedic Reset Testimonials

“After multiple surgeries in the past 10 years, the latest being bilateral knee surgery, it was a very grounded experience to make adjustments through an Ayurvedic lens guided by Clara’s extensive knowledge and communication skills. I was able to pace myself according to my needs and found it incredibly validating that the language of polities found in Ayurveda is also present in mental health. Being a therapist, finding truth across perspectives, solidified some good change for me.”



“Ayurvedic medicine is such a grounding and connected perspective with which to practice self care. After 6 weeks, and beyond, I felt a momentous shift towards a more nurturing and connected self.”

S.C., New Orleans

Social Worker

“Hi! FYI, I am having trouble being back in the office… bad habits like eating chocolate at 3 pm are creeping back in… so I made a huge batch of beilers broth and started the cleanse again to get back on track. It really helps to have the tools to help bring better habits back in! It helps me to have something healthy to focus on. Thank you.”

Z.W. Tacoma Park


“I am enjoying the self-care and loving all the teas! Feeling happy and energetic! This will be day seven with no coffee or sugar, and I feel really good.”

N.H., Santa Barbara

City Planner

“Going into the 6 week cleanse, I did not realize how nurturing and holistic the cleanse would be, or that it would give me tools to go beyond the cleanse.”

The spring reset was a transformative experience. Observing my habits in such an intentional way helped me to see where I was not supporting myself and needed to shift. Participating in the reset over an extended period of time gave me the space to integrate the Ayurveddic principles into my everyday life. Thank you, Clara, for sharing this information and creating this opportunity to learn and grow. I’m also hoping tossing up for the summer reset!””

M.K., Denver

DPS Teacher

Ayurvedic and Bodywork Products

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What is Ayurveda?

ayurveda is the art & science of re.set

re.set…unchecked bad habits into efficient biorhythms

re.set…late night craving into food as medicine

re.set…instabilities into mindbody cleanses

transformational support

intelligent daily and seasonal routines

long-lasting change

Integrative Body Work

visceral manipulation

    • gently relax the organs to improve function and posture


    • gentle yet effective
    • relaxing, nervous system work
    • effective for car injuries and releasing stress



    • noticing and talking
    • emotional memory exploration
    • effective for trauma and old stored stress

thai massage

    • meridian work with stretching & joint exploration
    • on the floor mat wearing workout clothes
    • energizing and great for sports injuries


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